Lines Breaking Circles

by As We Draw

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As if you haven't had enough of these Isis, Cult Of Luna cocksuckers, with their so-called cheesy parts and badass cathartic sonic explosions... Of course, one can wonder about the relevance of playing some post-metal in 2010. But when it's done with such talent, such faith as these three young guys from Laval, either you take your hat off to them, or either your heart is made of dog food. "Lines Breaking Circles" is made for those who are still crying over Breach's split-up and years when Cult Of Luna still made you have a boner. This is quite a severe reproof to all those who spend more time tweeting their promo photos than polishing their art in the studio. These guys are true workaholics and such gifted aesthetes that they're starting to get sickening. Especially knowing that they can kick your ass on stage as well as on your turntable. But you can't really hate them, can you? Not when you listen to these killer choruses sponsored by Kleenex on "Scum Of The Earth" or those huge slaps on "Draft" or again... Alright, enough of this, you already got that it is the same deal as their buddies from Birds In Row: LAVAL EQUALS LIFE.


released November 1, 2010

- Artwork by Bart "Hello, I Am Unemployed" & Amaury Sauvé
- Graphic concept by Amaury Sauvé
- Recorded live by Amaury Sauvé & Sylvain Biguet
- Mixed by Sylvain Biguet (Comity, Trepalium, Down To Earth...)
- Screeprinted and assembled by the band & Birds In Row
- Mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon...)
- LP + CD-R Available on Dare the Divine (HR), Guranje s Litice (HR), Throatruiner Records (FR), Free Edge Conspiracy (FR) and Demon Spawn Records (DE)
- 300 copies pressed (100 white, 200 black)



all rights reserved


Dare the Divine Split, Croatia

DIY, one-man operated indie label from Croatia specialized in limited run vinyl records.

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Track Name: Shame
These nights are longer, we stay under the flood. The sea is calling but nobody should
answer. We all have those lights in our eyes. So in the end, the truth will descend on our
head like a rain from above. Why are we waiting ? the storm has been lifted. Look up to
the mountain. The whole thing falls away. Just fight with your both hands, it's all
coming to an end. The suffering you'll endure will surely get your spirit in.
We were offered conscience at the altar and now we are flying away.
And all of the things that the world has told, I lend a deaf ear, we all feel the same.
This is an homage to a shame, a testament to an awareness.
Track Name: Sin Of Addiction
When your mind stays awake and your body cries for sleep, disillusioned from the pain
you're in way too deep. As the chains bind your soul, don't submit to addiction. You
can't escape the whole world. You're just looking for something you can't find in a
bottle. You live in disguise. Make a promise to stop now because you can't even look your
own reflection in the mirror.
A freak, a cruel lie, you've been fooling yourself in this reflection that you've justified.
Breaking these circles surrounding you. There's a great white light at the end. Now you
believe in the knowledge and now you're in the light. Breaking these circles. Don't
repeat all your mistakes again and again.
Still in the same place, your sin of addiction began.
Track Name: Shield
Anger building up, so close to exploding, I am so close to the edge. No second thoughts
before knowing. My body shakes. The line is so close. Slowly starting to overstep that
line, my eyes start to tear up. Softly falling down my cheeks, anger invades me. Where
has this peace gone ? Instead the overwhelming sense of hurt and anger, and fear... This
ill temper I have is making me mad. I blow up and I don't know why. I wish for just a
moment I could handle it. It's a mist of despair in the undergrowth of my mind, an
undergrowth of fear, anger, and hurt. In a world hungry for anger, the mist of despair
is the only shield for a broken mind.
Track Name: Burst Of Colour
I live in both worlds. Listening and absorbing, reacting and inventing. Colour and
textures speak and express myself. Dream and reality, now in harmony. Taking a very
black and white picture, trough and relentless, unpredictable yet hypnotic. Adding light
and shade. Burst of colour. Difference and waves.
Taking it and making it fly. This is what my dreams are made of :
A daydream on a stave.
Track Name: Fault Lines
Here, drawings are blurred, commotion in your eyes. Only one color dominates filling
all your field of view. You walk under water, on the trembling guts of this world.
You're too slow and the pressure is too high. Skull oppressed, lungs full of blood, missing air,
you're falling in depth and this bloodstream carries you away.
It's not a dream anymore.
Now earthquakes begin, pieces are separating following lines. Everything is torn.
World is in crumb, earth's bones are broken. Stopped by these ruins you can't leave the
spine which is the origin of this disaster, the cause of this failure.
We will all die in these fault lines.
Here, drawings are erased, this color disappeared. On the way to the beyond you just
can listen to this heart beating faster than yours.
Track Name: Drowned In Flames
This lie burns us, madness consumes us, the truth attracts us, we design our own death
as a spiral of ashes. We are floating in our graves as in leaking fish tanks.
Track Name: Draft
It may indeed be phantasy, when I essay to draw from all created things. Deep,
heartfelt, inward joy that closely clings. No fear, nor grief, nor vain perplexity. So will
I build my future ? And the blue sky will be my roof, and the sweet smell that the wild
flower yields shall be the incense I will smell. Is it so impossible ? WE, the rustling man,
have a voice that answers the storm.
So, why are you so silent ? We just are born child...
Track Name: Scum Of The Earth
He crossed the oceans, the seas, the mountains... The only Disease. Across the line, he
never sees the light. What seems so important won't last forever.
He is the scum of the earth, a cancer. He is humanity.
No evolution, without any change.